Episode 310: Why You Might Be Failing At Your Goals

mindset Mar 14, 2023

What if there was one simple thing you could do, and it was a pretty quick exercise, that would almost guarantee you'd stop failing, or giving up, on the goals you've been setting? Something that would stop you from feeling like you are slogging through quicksand?

And what if this exercise would not only turn on your internal motivation switch, it would get you aligned with your authentic self - the real version of you I talked about in last week's episodes?

Is that something you'd be interested in learning more about?

If it is, you'll love today's episode in which I talk about the #1 reason that most people are failing at their goals and how this might be an indication that you have the wrong goals.

I also share how you can remedy this problem before you go to bed tonight. In fact, it's something everyone needs to do ASAP. And guess what, it's something I didn't do until I was 60 years old. 😳  But once I did it, it was a goal game changer!!! 

If you realize this is something you've never done, that's ok. Doing it now is better late than never!!!

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