Episode 316: How To Manifest The Seemingly Impossible

mindset Apr 04, 2023

If I hadn't been listening to the book "The Vortex" as I was in the air on my delayed flight, which the airline had confirmed before my departure would cause me to miss my connecting flight, this manifestation would have never happened.

But I just so happened to be on the "Law of Attraction" chapter, and it gave me an idea.

It's funny because I know how manifestation works, but today's episode is a perfect example of how easily we fall into the world of accepting what is, or what we THINK has to be that we have no control over. But in reality, it's the future that hasn't yet happened and that means it can be changed!

We give our power away when all we have to do is change our energy! We must keep the faith that we CAN change our perceived outcomes so the future that might seem impossible becomes possible. And the first step is to BELIEVE what we want to happen is possible.

The book I was reading reminded me of that. It brought be back, not to the reality of my missed flight - the one I had already given up on and had already switched to a later flight - but the reality I desired which was being on that original flight - the one that was supposed to leave before I even arrived at the airport.

Impossible, right?

Nope. Not according to "The Vortex"! 

Listen in and hear what actually happened. Further proof in the energetic powers we all have access to that allow us to manifest the seemingly impossible!

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