Episode 330: 4 Different Blocks That Could Be Preventing You From Your Purpose

mindset May 24, 2023

In today's episode, I describe the 4 main reasons you may be blocked from finding the purpose that you came here to fulfill. 

Much like the empty nester identities I spoke about in Episode 330, these purpose blockers result in certain behaviors and thoughts that prevent you from pursuing your REASON FOR BEING - and in some cases, even believing you have one.

Let me be the first to tell you, in case you are what I call "purpose-oblivious: Yes, you have a purpose. You came here to fulfill it, and if you are not waking up and taking action towards the pursuit of it, you'll continue to rob yourself of the pure joy that comes from living from that place of purpose.

And you'll continue to rob the people that will benefit from you operating that way - both the people around you who love you and will get the best version of you when you are a purpose-filled human AND the people who you'll impact by the purpose that is yours to fulfill.

So what will it be? Continue to allow these purpose blockers to prevent you from the happier future that data shows will come with the pursuit of your purpose or take action to begin pursuing your purpose TODAY?

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