Episode 400: The Gift of Unplugging: What Thailand Taught Me

mindset travel Apr 11, 2024

In this special episode, I share the gifts I got as a result of my recent inspirational trip to Thailand, offering reflections on what I learned, what I was reminded of, and how I want to move forward in life for at least the near term, and most important, how crucial unplugging is for the soul.  

I talk about my surprises with the long-haul flight, the revelations about Thailand, and the passion that was reignited by this trip and what inspired action it led me to take. I also include a review of some of the travel purchases I shared in Episode 396 before I left highlighting what worked and what didn't.

All in all, this episode is a narrative that captures the essence of travel as a catalyst for change and self-discovery. Let it inspire you to plan an adventure that will allow you to unplug, listen for those inner whispers that could alter your path forward, and gain the knowledge you need to be fulfilled in the time you have left.

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