Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 407

Episode 407: I Got Scammed!

mindset May 31, 2024

In today's episode, I diverge from my usual topics to share one of the reasons the shitty week I had that I discussed in my last episode was even shittier.
Yes! I got scammed!
So I explain what happened and give you a couple of tips that I hope will prevent the same thing from happening to you because scamming incidents are everywhere these days and the scammers are getting smarter and sneakier by the minute.
I also share a 7 day smartphone email challenge I discovered and found useful, and coincidentally, one of the days is about how to keep your phone safe and secure. 
So tune in to get a couple of my tips about how to avoid getting scammed by hackers trying to access your bank account but also learn a few new things about your smartphone that may make your life better. 
Here's the direct link to sign up for AARP's 7 day smartphone challenge:

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