Episode 185: A Simple, Inspired Action Led To A Transformed Life with Laura Strachan

abundance mindset Jan 16, 2022

This week’s guest is another Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™ alumni, Laura Strachan, an empty nester and a long term cancer survivor. Laura has been a very active student ever since joining SPARK School where she was able to recover her authentic self. She’s now confident, happy, reconnected with her husband and a great example for her kids.

Laura’s transformation came from one inspired action: an assignment from one of my free trainings that led to a huge shift that transformed her life. Just ONE SIMPLE ACTION that instigated more inspired actions! 

Her decision that day to take action led her to getting connected with the right people and community which has given her the sparked second half she couldn’t find on her own.She’s a great example that one small decision can change everything.

As Laura and I ‘catch up’ in this episode, she openly shares:

  • The changes she’s made since first attending my free training.
  • Her new outlook on life and how living from her authentic self and listening to her inner voice continues to open up opportunities for her.
  • Her plans and goals for this year.

Listen in on our conversation to learn more about Laura and her journey to discovering more purpose  after the empty nest.

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