Episode 228: What Does It Mean To Ignite Your Soul With Laurie Wright

abundance mindset May 29, 2022

Today I have no guest interview because I have an important topic I want to talk about - what it means to be ignited. It’s top of mind because I have a free training on this very subject coming up in a week, and it might just be the right next step for anyone who listens to this episode and feels unignited.

  • the definition of ignited
  • real life examples of what it feels like when you aren’t ignited
  • what I’ve learned about the subject 
  • what to know if you’re feeling unignited 

Why is it that so many of us feel guilty for wanting more?  There is nothing wrong with wanting more and wanting to feel more excitement in your life. It’s time to make getting that internal wick lit your #1 priority!

If you’d like to review the words I shared on the episode, I’ve included them here as follows:

Anxious, Average, Ambivalent, Annoyed, Apathetic, Ambiguous, Bored, Beaten, Blah, Behind, Busy, Burned Out, Challenged, Confused Chaotic, Changing, Conflicted, Depressed, Depleted, Discouraged, Disappointed, Done, Dead, Dull, Displaced, Directionless, Exhausted, Existing, Empty, Fatigued, Frustrated, Frantic, Floundering, Fearful, Frumpy, Hopeless, Inactive, Low, Lost, In Limbo, Left out, Lackluster, Lonely, Mediocre, Meh, On hold, Overwhelmed, Old, Passionless, Pensive, Regretful, Stagnant, So so, Stuck, Sad, Stale, Searching, Stalled, Stormy, Struggling, Scattered, Slow, Sluggish, Treading Water, Taxed, Tired, Uninspired, Uncertain, Undirected, Unaccepting, Unsettled, Used, Ugh, Unclear, Unsatisfied, Unfulfilled, Unmotivated, Unsure, Useless, Unhappy


If you’d like to join my free training, go to: https://igniteyoursecondhalfsoul.com

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