Lies I Told Myself That Held Me Back

I remember back when I was an executive at AOL, I never felt like I "fit" the role. ... When I got promoted to Vice President, I felt out of place because I always thought I wasn't credentialed enough.

I was working with some super smart and well-educated people, with advanced degrees from Stanford and Harvard Business school, and here I was... a person with only 3 years at a B-rated college under her belt.

Yeah! I worked hard, got along well with my peers, and ended up being rewarded for my efforts - even though climbing the corporate ladder was not on my agenda - because, honestly, the voice in my head always compared my lack of an education to the people I worked with. So I pegged myself as less capable than them...

So if you asked the old me if one day I'd have my own business and would be helping others start their own online businesses, you'd probably see her jaw drop, followed by a deer-in-headlights stare, before she blurted out: "I don't have what it takes to do THAT!"

Until I...

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Weird Random Fact About Me

love puppy random fact May 23, 2020

Every single one of my dogs has had a name ending with an "eee" sound... like my name: Laurie. #weirdrandomfact

I've had Skeezi, Willie, Gerdy, Snoopy, Burkie, Ziggy, Josie, Chewy, Dobby, and now Moji.

People think that Moji stands for "emoji" but nope... Moji stands for "mojo" but since mojo doesn't end with an "eee" sound, I had to improvise and invent a name!

A unique name for a unique, sweet boy who has brought such joy into my life. My Moji!

And now you know one more weird random fact about me!

Time for you to share one of yours with me!!!

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Perks Of Being A Young Grandma

family grandma inspiration May 17, 2020

I'm so glad I had my girls young and got to be a grandma pretty early in life (at 51)...

I remember wanting so badly to get married and have children, and thinking I was gonna be an old maid - when I was 20!!! LOL!

Fortunately, my dream came true! I met my first husband a month before I turned 21. Eight months later, we were married (not pregnant!) and less than 18 months later, our first daughter was born.

Then 18 months after that, our second daughter was born. Our family was complete just 6 days after my 25th birthday!

I believe I wanted to be a young mom because I had young parents. And what was so terrific about having young parents is that my girls got to know them, and they got to see ALL 4 of their grandchildren graduate from college which means they saw them grow into adults.

We can't predict when we'll become moms or grandmas, but I know that I want to be around a long time so I can be known by my grandchildren. I want them to remember me as someone who lived life to her...

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A Second Chance at Love After 27 Years

I took a big risk at age 50... jumping into a 2nd marriage with a guy who I fell in love with at age 18 and had a track record of non-commitment.

It sounds rather romantic that we reconnected after 27 years apart but our relationship back in the late 70s was a struggle. That soul-deep-love and passion were there for sure, but so were the arguments. Breaking up and getting back together were our thing...

He wanted his independence, and I wanted to control him and to be the center of his world, which at 20 years old, was not his idea of fun. So I finally decided to stop fighting a battle I couldn't win & moved on...

But I never forgot him...

And one day, 27 years later, I googled his name, found a phone number and called him. If I had told any of my friends, they would have told me I was crazy so I kept it to myself & arranged to meet him for lunch.

That risk was soooo worth it!!! This time around, I have the relationship I always wanted with him... I'm a priority in his life,...

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My Best Mom Advice!

family inspiration love May 10, 2020

How about some reflection on this special day?

I believe being a mom is one of THE most important jobs we can be given. And I know I have loved every minute.

Of course, being the mom of adult children is kind of like I'm retired from momhood now, but that job gave me lots of insight which is now being shared in my role as wise advisor to my 2 daughters who are navigating the world of littles.

Today I celebrate the work I did in raising my 2 magnificent children. They, if I may brag a bit, turned out to be amazing human beings and are doing a damn good job as mommies, better than I was for sure! (It looks like the cloning of a better version of me worked!!!)

And since they turned out pretty darn fabulous, I thought I'd share a few of the things I did right, that weren't always the easiest:

* I gave them space to fail. My advice: Don't swoop in and try to ease their pain. Failure leads to the best lessons in life.

* I made them pay for their own mistakes. My advice: If they get a parking...

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What I Miss Most In Quarantine

What are YOU waiting (and wishing) to do again?

In this season of social distancing and carry-out, I’ve found myself longing for a nice dinner out socializing with friends, and although patience is by far not my strongest virtue, I keep reminding myself that good things come to those who wait.

So when frustration & feelings of isolation set in, remember: This season won’t last forever! This too shall pass...

And when it comes, I'm sure it will be better than we could have imagined because we will appreciate it so much more!

What's first on your list to do when society opens back up again?

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Sometimes, It's Okay Not To Be Okay...

inspiration moji positivity May 06, 2020

Having a rough day? You’re not alone, friend! I’ve been there, too.

In fact, I was there JUST YESTERDAY!!! I was feeling so not myself. Not the positive, high energy, bubbly version of me.

Perhaps it was because I started a 3 day cleanse... Or maybe it was the fact I was putting together all of the info for my taxes - not my most favorite thing to do!

By day's end, I chose a piece of pizza, chocolate chip cookies and a glass of rose wine for dinner!!! So much for my cleanse!

Whenever I struggle like that, I first give myself grace because it happens. And second, I'm grateful that I'm aware of what's going on in my head and know that it is temporary.

I know that tomorrow will dawn a new day and I can start over again, which I did in the case of my cleanse!!! Yay! Day 1 is in the books and was a success!!!

AND, the tax work I've spent HOURS on in the past week is DONE!!! At least for 2019!

So in case you need a little extra boost today, consider this post your virtual...

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My Life Journey In Discovering What Finally Lights Me Up

Has your road to fulfillment been a conventional one?

I took a conventional path to a conventional job where I punched the proverbial ticket of success which led to an impressive paycheck and an even more impressive title but every time I got promoted, I became less fulfilled.

My bosses would reward me with new titles and generous salary bumps, often with nice stock options, but they never once ASKED me what role would most light me up. And I, unfortunately, didn't even have the answer so I just let my ego lead the way.

As my resume got more impressive, I got more disconnected from my purpose, from my zone of genius, from the work I'm here to do.

I didn't know then what I know now, but that's okay. I give myself grace because it was that journey that led me where I am today. And I'd definitely say what I do today is unconventional!

In fact, an online business wasn't even a possibility when I started my career!!!

There’s no set way to get where you’re meant to go... Our...

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Laurie Lays It On The Line!!! Life Advice For You...

If I could sit down with my past self - an over-busy, unhappy, corporate executive - I’d have enough advice to have my own talk show... I've even got a good name for it: Laurie Lays It On The Line!!!

First, I’d start by saying STOP doing work that doesn't set your soul on fire. You are dimming your light by not finding your true purpose.

And of course, I’d fill myself in on all of the joys that lie ahead, like: how truly fascinating the journey of self discovery will be. It's really not about the final destination. It's the sights, the people, and the experiences of the trip you take getting there!

I'd make sure she knew there is nothing to fear. And I'd explain that she can't be afraid of a life where she is doing what she came here to do.

I'd also do my best to describe the feeling she'd have waking up every morning energized, excited and ready to jump out of bed, and tackle a schedule SHE CHOSE, filled with action items she is passionate about.

What advice would you...

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Sneak Peek: Sometimes, My Idea Of Fun Is.....

It may be embarrassing to admit, but my idea of “fun” is spending an entire Saturday afternoon on the couch catching up on my favorite competition reality shows. And today it was The Voice and American Idol.

I know, I know, it might not seem like the best use of my time, but nothing thrills me more than seeing people shine doing what they love. AND I love anything that has to do with singing or dancing.

So I've had a great afternoon curled up with my favorite fuzzy blanket, mentally unwinding after putting in a lot of great work this week!

Now it's your turn... I'd love to hear your favorite way to unwind after a busy work week.

Follow me and let me know on social media!



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