You Know I Like to Read Because....

You know I like to read because I'm always posting stuff that inspires me from my books. Well THIS is a good one!!!

It was actually an exploration of sorts... Read and then do an exercise. And it made me think...

I had to pick 1 reason out of 5 as to WHY I started coaching. My 5 choices were:


BEFORE I did the exercise, I thought my reason was Health... I mean, I lost almost 20 pounds and got in the best shape of my life at age 55!!!

But as I really began to think about WHY and remembered back to when I started, my Health is not why I started coaching.... It is why I signed up to be in a online challenge group but it is NOT why I began coaching.

I also tell people I started coaching because I got a great discount, but again, that is the reason I signed up to coach but it is not why I STARTED to coach. I had no intention of coaching when I signed up.

But a short 2 weeks after I signed up for the discount, a light bulb went off in my head!!! 

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Anyone Who Has Chronic Pain Needs to Read This Book...

aging educational health Feb 01, 2018

Anyone who has chronic pain needs to read this book... And I'm only on page 1!!!

"Pain and other chronic symptoms are physical manifestations of unresolved internal conflict. Symptoms surface as an instinctual mechanism for self survival.

They are messages from the inner self wanting to be heard, but ego takes center stage in heights the truth within the shadows of the unconscious mind: which is the body. One purpose of these physical symptoms is to keep the individual focused on his physical body, and away from the surfacing emotions.

This is referred to as Tension Myoneural syndrome, TMS, which includes acute and chronic nerve pain as well as muscular pain and a wide variety of other symptoms.

T = Tension, the result of anger buried in the body
M = Myoneural, muscles and nerves 
S = Syndrome, a collection of symptoms

TMS is the cause of the current pandemic of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraine, hip pain, knee pain, wrist and hand pain, carpal tunnel pain, mouth...

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"Yes I am Listening"; "Yes I Am Paying Attention" ; "Yes, I Am Willing"

“I know that the answer to “what should I be doing?“ is to see the word “yes” on my inner screen: “Yes, I am listening”; “Yes, I am paying attention”; and most important, “Yes, I am willing.” 

I notice that those around me who feel uninspired are unwilling to say yes to the feeling at the core of their being. 

By doing so to every hunch, burning desire, and thought that won’t go away, I feel the hand of a guiding spirit that’s with me simply because I’ve been willing to say yes. 

By saying yes to life, I see the world and all of its inhabitants in a completely new way.” 

2nd to last page in “Living An Inspired Life” by Wayne Dyer

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“Ego insists on believing that we don’t have enough, others have more, there’s newer and better stuff, we won’t be liked unless we purchase that thing, we lack status, and some designer label will make us will make life better.

This is exact opposite of what your spirit gently whispers, which is: you are complete already, a product of universal abundance, so relax and enjoy life... what you desire will show up with less effort and no anxiety.

The first step in transcending the uninspiring messages that besiege us to buy more is to become aware of what’s going on and realize that we don’t really need anything else in order to be happy. After all, there’s no way to happiness - happiness is the way.

We may need to say this to ourselves over and over until it sinks in:

Nothing can make me happy. Happiness and inspiration or what I bring to life, not what I purchase.”

From “Living an Inspired Life” by...

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My Whole Life I Was Always the Youngest

My whole life I was always the youngest...

I was the younger sister.
I started Kindergarten at 4 years old.
I graduated high school at 17.
I was the youngest of my roommates in college.

Now it seems like I'm always the oldest! 
(except when I'm around my husband's friends! LOL!!!!)

But I never FEEL like I'm older!!! I always feel like I fit right in.

Maybe it's my mindset. Maybe it's because I work out and feel so strong & healthy. Maybe it's because I'm around people who accept me because we think so much alike

Whatever it is, I like it and I want to keep on feeling this way!!! 
#greatday #ilovemycoachlife #foreveryoung #ageisjustanumber

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Love this! 💕💕💕

Love this! 

"Those who have the gift of inspiration exude something that’s difficult to pin down intellectually, yet is undeniably recognizable in how we feel in their presence: we can sense that they are aligned with the source energy from which we all originate.

We perceive a place within them that resonates deeply within ourselves-a vibrational recognition of inspiration-and they have much to offer us. We recognize their high spiritual energy, which longs to be active in our life. When we feel this resonance, it’s reflected in a feeling that’s similar to a warm, soothing shower that’s running deep within us.

Those who inspire consistently have an aura of joy that permeates their being and radiates outward, impacting those around them.

We can use this “joy index” as a non-scientific a measure of inspiration. When we meet others who we think might be living in spirit, we must ask the following questions:

 Do they seem to have a...

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Had Fun at the Crystal Store Yesterday

motivational Jan 06, 2018

Had fun at the Crystal store yesterday... These especially spoke to me! The last 2 for obvious reasons!!! LOL! And my middle name is Joy, so clearly I had to get myself a #moonstone.

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The First Day of 2018!

The first day of 2018!!! WOWEE!!! 

I'd love to know how you are spending it...

Are you spending any time by yourself in thought? Are you evaluating your 2017 and what you did well and what you want to do better?

Are you spending part of today setting goals for what you want to accomplish and what impact you want to make on the world no matter how big or small?

I LOVE beginnings and today is like a rebirth in my mind.

During the year we have Mondays which are a mini reset. And we have the first day of every month which takes the reset up a notch and gives us a chance to start anew 12 times a year.

But a NEW YEAR?!!! We probably will get between 80 and 100 of these if we're lucky... And for me, that number is quickly dwindling which makes today even more important!!!

So today I started with a brand new notebook...

On page 1 I wrote: "Welcome 2018!" and right after that I wrote, "What I did good in 2017." I began my list but I'm going to continue to reflect throughout my day and...

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Day 3 of My Tree Project

family love midlife story Dec 16, 2017

Day 3 of my tree project... 
Tonight it will be done!!!! 

So I thought I’d share one of my ornaments made by my youngest daughter, Kori, when she was 2 1/2. 

That is her little hand  which makes this ornament 31 years old!!! It is my most treasured ornament even though it’s not all that pretty. 

I often look at beautifully decorated trees that have all the same color ornaments, like gold or silver, and even though I love the look, I know I could never own one because I have to have a tree that holds all of my memories. 

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Tree Trimming Party

family midlife story Dec 10, 2017

My husband and I were invited to a tree trimming party yesterday, parents of some friends of ours who live in an old house on 400 acres.

It was an amazing evening filled with friendships, history and sharing childhood memories. And old wooden floors, wood burning fireplaces, and wine cellar doors shipped from an ancestors home in France (incredible story!)

I got to hang an ornament that was over 100 years old!!!

The proprietor, John, who is about 82 years old, has generated several genealogy charts framed in his cellar going back to the 1400s.

The home belonged to his grandparents and has had some additions added over the years. Going through the home and hearing the stories was pretty amazing.

Side note: The house was used as a hospital for amputees in the Civil War. There was even marks on the wood floor from the blood of the soldiers. 

I felt the true spirit of Christmas last night, being with wonderful people, remembering past memories, and those who have come before us....

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