Start Them Young!

motivation Oct 10, 2016
Thoughts become things

I wish every little girl had a dad like this! Think of how much better our world would be!!!

Positive affirmations make a difference no matter how old you are!   #changealittlelife #startearly #dailyaffirmations

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Want Quality? Don't Multitask

educational motivation Oct 06, 2016

I used to take pride in being the ultimate multitasker. Then I discovered it's not a good thing...

"When you try to do two things at once, you either can't or won't do either well. If you think mutlitasking is an effective way to get more done, you've got it backward. It's an effective way to get less done."

It comes down to focus and you can't truly focus 100% on more than one thing at a time. It's similar to being present. Be present with one thing and you will do it well & with quality.

Make it a non-multitasking Monday!!! <3<3<3

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Grandma Strong

aging health motivation Aug 20, 2016

I have an experience I want to share with you. Last night I had a strong feeling come over me. One that has been a long time coming but I think it's here to stay. I have a secret to share and maybe for some of you, it will resonate. For my whole life I haven't felt good about my body. I never felt like It was good enough. I honestly didn't like it when people touched my body because I felt fat. I felt mushy. And I didn't want them feeling my fat.

I'm sure it stems from the fact that I was an overweight teenager, and when I was 13 years old I lost 30 pounds. I think I've always seen myself as fat, even though I'm not.

But until I found Beachbody and started doing their at-home workout programs, I was never really in good shape. I was I guess what you call "skinny fat." I looked pretty good with clothes on, but I was still mushy and I didn't feel good about myself because I wasn't doing the right things to get myself in the proper shape.

I worked out but not consistently. I thought...

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What I Do Every Morning...

educational motivation Aug 19, 2016

My morning ritual... Do you do any of these?

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Senior Olympics Here I Come

fitness laughter motivation Aug 15, 2016

I've been so inspired by the Olympic athletes that I thought I'd try a few gymnastics moves... Of course I can do a handstand, a cartwheel, & a somersault!!! I'm STRONG!!! I've been doing these at-home workouts for 2 1/2 years! I am Not Your Average Grandma!!!

ok... it did not turn out like I had imagined it... My body was much lighter in my dream.... Well, I have 4 years to perfect my moves!!!#‎keeppracticing#‎itsnevertoolate#‎nothingisimpossible

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Some Accidents Are No Accidents

educational motivation Aug 07, 2016

I like to listen to books & videos on YouTube & Audible when I drive. Listening to motivational speakers and self help gurus puts my mind in a positive & thoughtful place. It's so much better than listening to the news or mindless talk radio. I listened to this great message by Rick Warren, author of a Purpose-Driven Life. One thing he said really resonated with me. It was very personal - so much so, I went live on Facebook and shared it. #‎mytruth

Watch his video first, then mine that follows below.


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Random Thought After Dirty Bathroom Experience

educational laughter Aug 06, 2016

I can't understand why someone hasn't come up with a good contraption for us women.... Forget developing a new phone app! No app will make it easier for me to pee!!!! Create something that will truly make a difference in people's lives! 

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Butt Flops!

family laughter Jul 23, 2016

Butt flops!!! It's important to teach your grandchildren the important things in life! 

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Bernese Mountain Dogs - Best Dog Ever!

laughter Jul 09, 2016

I had a GREAT day yesterday because I got to spend it playing with a Bernese Mountain Dog!!! Meet Bella, the therapy dog who came to visit my mom's assisted living facility. I made a point to be there for this activity! I thought my mom, who loves dogs too, would love it but I think I loved it more.

I used to have Berners several years ago. I had 3 of them from 1982 - 2003. My first lived to 12 years old, my second to 10 and my third died of a horrible intestinal disease at 3 1/2.

When I lost my last one, it about killed me. So I decided to switch to a small dog so I'd have a longer time with him. My long-haired chihuahua is now 12 years old... And shows no signs of slowing down.

So... while my reasoning of moving to a smaller dog has paid off, I miss my Berners so much. They are the BEST dogs EVER!!! And I hope one day I can own another one. If you're looking for the perfect pet, check them out. They are loving, kind, smart, happy, beautiful and love children. The only negative is...

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Big Day! Time to Reunite with Some Old Friends...

aging health laugher Jul 09, 2016

BIG DAY in Laurie-land!!! Or should I say Laura-land (Not many people know that is my real first name but it's on my Senior picture so it must be true!) Tonight is my 40th high school reunion and I get to hang with peeps who knew me when I was a young pup. Before I even knew me!!! LOL!!!

I always get excited to see old friends and hear about their lives. And after 40 years, there's been a lot of life going on! My class has been great about doing reunions every 5 years but I missed our last one so I haven't seen many of them for 10 years or longer.

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about how my life has changed more in the past 10 years than it did in the previous 30 years...

- I got separated then divorced - I lost my father - I remarried - I moved twice - I gained a wonderful new family - I relocated to a new town - I gained 2 sons-in-laws - I became a grandma - I got in the best shape of my life - I changed careers - I got my eyebrows tattooed

Gosh!!! There's...

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