Incredible 96 Year Old

aging health motivational Apr 03, 2016

I had a chance to meet this incredible 96 year old grandmother of the bride yesterday. I was drawn to her perkiness and wanted to talk to her. In our 1st conversation, I asked her what she does in her spare time. She said she doesn't really watch much tv but she does love Dancing with the Stars.

In our 2nd conversation, I asked how she stays so active and if she exercised. She said no. Remembering our earlier conversation, I asked if she danced and her eyes lit up and she said "oh yes!" I taught dance at Arthur Murray. She didn't elaborate.

Later I spoke with her daughter who told me that her mom and dad met at Arthur Murray as dance instructors. They were married 65 years and he was invited to the White House to give Eleanor Roosevelt dance lessons. And they used to go to Cuba all the time because they had the best Rumba bands there.

WOW!!! What a neat back story! I'm sure she has a lot more great stories. Meeting her yesterday was a highlight of an already amazing day!


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How Much Do You Value the Truth?

The truth is extremely important to me. It always has been and always will be. It’s just one of the values I hold in very high regard. If someone lies to me, it will cause irreparable harm to our relationship.

Unfortunately, I was lied to twice over my vacation, and that is why I will never recommend a Royal Caribbean cruise and, in fact, will tell people not to choose them. They did some damage to their brand, and I am sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Lie #1:

We got through the check-in process fairly quickly and were put in a holding room where we were to wait a short time before boarding the ship. The room, which I’d say held about 500 people, filled up but they were not letting anyone board the boat. As we were beginning to wonder what was going on, a voice came through a loud speaker and told us they were experiencing computer problems. They apologized and said they were hoping to resolve the issues quickly.

I’m not sure what they were...

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How Mentally Tough Are You?

One of my favorite things to watch is the Olympic games. I admire the heck out of the athletes who have worked so hard to get there. While watching, I sometimes wonder if I have their mental toughness - is my mind capable of pushing my body to its limits and dealing with what I imagine is unbelievable pressure? So when I came upon this great article in a Shape magazine recently called "Think Like a Winner," it resonated. I loved how they explained that there are four aspects to mental toughness: Resilience, Confidence, Grit, and Focus.

Here are a few highlights from the article:

  1. Resilience - The quicker you can bounce back from mishaps, the quicker you'll find success.
    • Welcome failure: We learn more when we lose than when we win. Mistakes teach you what to do differently next time.
    • Fact-check your thoughts: We almost always distort things after a loss and can easily get stuck in a "I'm no good" mode. Watch your inner dialogue. Just because you were edged out by someone else...
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My Best Advice - See a Chiropractor!

If you are not feeling 100%, my best advice to you is to go see a chiropractor ASAP!!! That is one thing I wish I would have figured out earlier in life. A chiropractor would have saved me a few aches and pains and definitely some dollars! I consider my chiropractor my HEALTH HERO. I had no clue about chiropractic medicine and how the foundational structure of your body can easily be compromised, especially if you have a weak area that you subconsciously favor.

For people like me who work out a lot, misalignment of the foundational structure can wreak havoc. These misalignments can cause not only back and neck pain but also a host of other symptoms throughout the body.

This is because the spinal cord and nerves conduct sensation and movement signals from the brain to other areas of the body. Any interruption to the proper processing of these nerve signals can cause pain, loss of function, organ dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and other health problems. Spinal and extremity...

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Medical Mysteries

aging health midlife story Feb 01, 2016

I like to pass along information I find interesting & potentially valuable and this falls into that category... You probably don't know this but I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome when I was 28 years old. I remember going on a business trip to Buffalo and feeling horrible. I went to the doctor right before I left but continued with the trip anyway.

To top it off, there was a snowstorm and all I had with me was high heels. (There was no to check in those days!) Then I got the call from the doctor's office. I had strep throat! Ugh!

So I had to trudge in my heels in a foot of snow to the drugstore across the street from the hotel to get my prescription. I don't remember much more about that trip except that after I got home, I continued to feel awful so I went back to the doctor.

The tests indicated I had mono - for the 3rd time in less than 10 years. As with the other two times, the case seemed fairly mild. Only this time, I didn't get my energy...

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What Do You Remember from 2015?

Do you know how awesome it is to say you're going to do something and actually do it?!!! And it's something that takes a whole year... 365 actions - once a day for a whole year! I'm someone who always gets excited with new ideas. I start a lot of them but often they either lose their pizzazz or I get excited about something else and move on to that. I just don't stay committed to them for whatever reason.

But I read a book that really impacted my mindset about committing to following through on my actions. In the book, "The Compound Effect," Darren Hardy talks about how the smallest of actions over time have a compound effect. In other words, seemly small and insignificant actions, if repeated and continued over a long period, will make a HUGE difference.

I just experienced the joy of seeing the compounding of my actions in effect as 2015 came to a close. It is the result of a suggestion that Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the book "Eat, Pray, Love," posted on her Facebook page...

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You Might Think You're Old But You Have Real Experience!

Do you realize that if you are 58 years old, you have the potential, in this day and age, to live another 40 years? And don't you think you deserve to be doing what you love? That's why I took a huge leap of faith this past June and left my 20+ year career in project management. I finally found what I wanted to do! Late in life I know, but it happened, and I wasn't going to not go for it.

Some might think it was a huge risk. It definitely made my husband nervous! But I just felt it was what I was meant to do. And I had enough experience from my past jobs, that I knew I'd be successful.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk says in the video below: "You are actually more likely to be successful at building a company  at 45 or 50 years old today than the 18 years olds that are coming out because there is a naivete and a lack of experience.... You have REAL experience!"

Watch this video! It's amazing!!! And when you are done, if you are over 50 like me, you will feel like anything is possible...

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Want to Know Why I Love the Seasons?

Fall is my favorite season for sure, but what I’ve realized is that I get excited about the start of EVERY season because seasons are all about change. I like change. I’ve always been someone who is very open to change and finds boredom in the same old, same old. And aren’t the seasons the best example of this? (It probably helps that I live in the state of Virginia where the change of seasons are so evident!!!)

I think I especially have change on my mind because I’m heading out to Los Angeles to attend what I’ve hear is a life-changing event – a Tony Robbins conference called “Unleash the Power Within.” Apparently I will be locked in a freezing auditorium with 9,000 strangers and will have the opportunity to walk on fire!!!

First of all, I get cold easy so that part is particularly uncomfortable to me! (I packed my down jacket, gloves, and wool hat!) And I’m not sure how I’ll walk on fire without burning my feet…...

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Make a Decision and Change Your Life!

It’s funny how your mind can want things but until you actually make A DECISION to do them, it won’t happen. They will just continue to sit in your mind as thoughts unless you TAKE ACTION. Just thinking about them and wanting them will not change anything. I’ve been particularly inspired recently by Tony Robbins. I’ve been reading and listening to his books and DVD programs, in preparation for one of his conferences I’ll be attending later this month. Tony is all about mindset and training the mind to think differently. He teaches specific techniques to help you shift your mindset.

Yesterday’s assignment was to take TWO actions immediately that will move you towards the success you want - actions that you’ve been avoiding or procrastinating.

So last night, my first action was to set my alarm for 6am. My alarm has not been set, except in the rare case of an early appointment, since I left the corporate world on 6/30/15. I’ve always been...

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Time for the Big Reveal!

aging health midlife story Sep 14, 2015

Want to know what I did last Thursday? For those of you who guessed tattoo, you are sort of right…. I now have PERFECT eyebrows!

I have wanted to do this for over a year when I first heard it was possible. I even went to a tattoo artist and had a dye test which I blogged about last November:

But for some reason, I was hesitant and not comfortable with moving forward even though I hate my eyebrows. I didn’t want to do something that made them worse.

So I waited and the universe answered when I went in to the dentist a couple of weeks ago to get a filling replaced. While paying my bill, I noticed the woman who was processing my credit card had perfect eyebrows. And if you know me well, you know no question goes unasked!!! So I point blank asked her if they were tattooed. She said yes. And the rest is history. Then we bonded over our sad eyebrow stories!

Personal recommendations are a big deal to me so...

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