Wanna Know Why I'm So Excited This Morning?

Wanna know why I’m so excited this morning?!!! Because I am FINALLY putting into motion something that I should have done awhile ago…

The reason I’ve not taken action on it is because I kept thinking too small! I kept thinking I don’t need it yet. I kept thinking, I can’t afford it.

It’s the cousin of that negative voice in your head. It’s the voice that keeps you in your comfort zone. The voice that convinces you that things are just fine the way they are. #goaway 

But a couple of weeks ago I started to really listen… Not to the comfort zone scaredy-cat inside my head but to a balls-to-the-wall entrepreuner who shared WHY I need to take this step. (And it’s a she so she really has no balls to take to the wall but if she had them, they would be ON THE WALL for sure!!!) 

So TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started interviewing for a virtual assistant!!!!!!! Woohoo! #happydanceinfullswing 


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Find People Who Bring Out Your Authentic Self

One thing I love about my husband is that he brings out my most authentic self. I'm not sure why but I remember feeling that from the first moment I met him when I was 18 years old. 

We connected in a way that was so REAL and RAW... He knew me to my depths and it felt so freeing.

When I started dating him again almost 30 years later, that feeling returned and man was it ever AWESOME!!!

Find people who bring out your authentic self. The world will be better for it and so will you!!!

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Are You Afraid to Fail?

I went live on Facebook to show people how I fail every day... And then, something happened!!! I succeeded! I swear I had not been able to complete this move prior to this live video. I surprised myself!!! So keep on trying and maybe you'll be surprised! Yay me!!!!!!

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Which Way Are You Moving?

Focus on personal growth. It's the best thing you can do for yourself no matter how old you are. It will move you forward and into a better life. I promise!!! 

Tell me one thing you are doing today to move forward. One thing that you plan to make progress on... Is it a book you are reading, a training you are doing, or something new you are learning?

Today I am purchasing a ukulele. Learning to play 2 songs is on my vision board for this year.

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Her First Stocking at 78 Years Old!

We had a special guest last night and Santa made sure she had a stocking filled with goodies. It was nothing special! Make up remover wipes, Altoids, nail files, slipper socks, a dish cleaning brush, and some other trivial things. 

We took turns emptying the goodies, one at a time, and with each item she squealed with glee like it was exactly what she was wanting. When we were done, she looked at me and said: "This is my first stocking I've ever had." 

It broke my heart a bit when she said that. You see, my mother-in-law is the sweetest woman ever and dotes on her sons, grandchildren and now 6 great grandchildren every holiday. She is the biggest giver I've ever known. 

I am so thankful she finally got her first stocking. And I guarantee there will never be another Christmas without one. 

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It's the Simple Stuff that's Most Important!

family love relationships Jan 27, 2017

What did I do today you may wonder? It was important stuff!!!

First I got the tangles out of 2 My Little Ponies, then I braided one's mane & tail. (Had to brush up a bit on my braiding skills!)

Then I built a Lego tower almost as tall as my oldest grandson!!! And it stood all on its own - after a few tries!!!

And I just got my youngest grandson to stop crying in the car! (Nannie's special touch!)

I'd say it's been a productive day!!!

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Do you name your cars?

My husband doesn’t understand why I refuse to let go of this car. We don’t need it. And it just cost me about 2K in repairs & new tires so it would pass inspection!

Part of it may be the influence of my father who named all of our cars when I was growing up. Every car was like a member of the family. I remember “Reggie,” “Mariah,” and “Tubby” to name a few. 

I even remember my sister crying & draped over the hood of one of our cars in the parking lot of the dealership as we were trading it in because she couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye!

Normally I’m ok with getting rid of cars but not this one. And it doesn’t even have a name!

But it has great meaning. It stands for life. A life almost lost. My oldest daughter’s life.

It wasn’t a car accident as you may think. It was a medical fluke – something that you never expect would happen to a perfectly healthy 20 year old.


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Patience Makes Perfect!

Sometimes patience is worth it!!!

We moved into our house in March 2013. I wanted urns for our front porch. I looked for awhile but couldn't find anything that a) I liked and b) was sturdy enough it wouldn't blow over if we had a strong windstorm. 

Last Christmas my husband found these. But they've sat empty for a year. 

And then last month Wegman's had their grand opening. I knew it the minute I saw them!!!! Little blue spruce trees! Just like the one my dad planted in our front yard of our house. 

They fit perfectly and they also were perfect for some outside Christmas lights. (We're not big on outside decorations!)

I love it when a dream becomes a reality. The front porch that I envisioned is finally here!!! And it makes me smile every time I look at it! #adreamcometrue#myperfecturns

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Fight for What is Right!

FREE DRINK!!!! Sometimes you just gotta fight for what's right!

I ordered a specific coffee. It wasn't complicated. I ordered it as a Grande. I got a Venti. She said she wouldn't charge me which was the right thing to do. 

I then tasted it and discovered it was not what I ordered. She said she'd remake it but she would have to charge me extra for the drink I was supposed to get. WRONG!!!

When you make a mistake, make it right. Don't screw up, inconvenience the customer and then charge them extra even if it's the true cost of what they purchased. I've NEVER been charged for their mistake at Starbucks!!!

I asked if there was a manager I could talk to. She said she can call him. In the meantime, the barista made me the drink I should have gotten. 

Good thing the manager attended the "customer is always right" school. If not, there would have been an adult shit fit right in the Vegas airport. And I might have even gone Live here on Facebook. #thepowerofsocialmedia ...

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How Will You Choose to Remember 2016?

Here we are... Another year has passed... What have you done with it? What progress have you made? What highlights stand out?

Being a glass is 3/4 full type person, I like to think about all of the GOOD from the year as its final curtain is drawn. It's kind of like the play of your life. Another chapter that is finished, another act that complete, another set of memories to bank.

I know some people have had a tough year. I get that! But I also know that you have the power to look at all of the positives of the last 366 days and have them lift you up or you can look at the negatives and have them drag you down.

How will you choose to look back on 2016? You have the power to put a positive spin on it. Try to do that and see how it feels! I bet it will be AMAZING!!!

I read a message yesterday from one of the leaders I look up to at Beachbody. His name is Jeff Hill and here are some snippets of his note:

"I am ending the year older, more grey hair, more wrinkles or "fine lines" as I like to...

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