12 Steps to Being a Happier Person

I am already happier from watching this & listening to this!!! 

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Celebrating Love!

family motivational Jul 03, 2016

Today I'm celebrating LOVE!!! A true, deep, and abiding love… A love that has endured… Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. And it marks the day I took a big risk. 7 years ago I chose to go with my heart and take a HUGE leap of faith at this thing called love. It wasn’t my first rodeo…

To say the last 7 years have been easy would be a lie… I mean, seriously, I married a 52 year old bachelor!!!! What was I thinking?!!! He did not instantly turn into this perfect husband who made life easy.

I had previously been married for 25 years so I was someone who was comfortable in the sharing department.

Husband V2 had never heard of the word compromise. He had never uttered the words “Can I get you something while I’m at the grocery store?” He was used to drinking his milk straight from the carton. (Yes! I married a man who had been essentially living in a cave!!!)

But, we had a deep and serious LOVE that helped us get through those rough...

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Focus on Today & Quality Time Together

aging family health Jun 26, 2016

I spent some time with my mom today. I took her to the dermatologist and then out to lunch. I wish things were different. I wish I still had the mom I remember from before my dad died. Sometimes there are little moments where she appears, but they are too few and far between. After I got home, I decided to post this video message (click on the link below to see it) as a reminder to relish the time you have now.

Focus on quality time with your parents while you still have them around... Things can change overnight. They did for me 9 years ago...

Sorry I got a bit emotional but it's an emotional subject for me.


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Celebrating Dads

family Jun 19, 2016

Today is a day for celebrating dads and I have 5 to celebrate... First, and foremost, my dad, Norman Donald Colvin, also known as "The Donald." I can't tag him because he's in heaven, but I'm confident he'll be aware of my message.

My dad taught me many things... to shoot a gun, to play a mean game of badminton, to fly an airplane, and best of all, to laugh a lot. He'll been gone 9 years this week. He died suddenly & it was a shock, but I choose to remember the 72 years he lived gloriously.

Happy Father's Day daddy! I'm so glad when God was choosing a dad for me, I got you!!! You made life fun!

Second, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my ex-husband, Mike Hill. Although we are no longer married, we remain friends, and I am so thankful he was the father of my children. He was always there for them and made them a priority. They turned out well and a big part of that, is due to his influence and example.

Third, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my husband, Mike Wright, who never had...

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Brain Fart #997

laughter Jun 12, 2016

Yet another brain fart in the busy mind of Laurie!!! LOL! Here's the latest: When I went to look for my new contact lenses on Friday night, they weren't where I normally keep them. You know that sick feeling you get when you know you have really screwed up?!!! That was me! All Friday night and Saturday morning. I just bought a new 6 month's supply, and I was thinking that my mistake was going to cost me about $500! UGH!!!

I thought maybe I overlooked them so I decided to clean out my bathroom cabinets. Nope! Not there. Then I searched my car. Maybe they fell under the seat. Nope! Not there.

Then I thought there was a small chance I left them at the eye doctor's office. But wouldn't they have called me when they realized that ditzy lady left her bag? Well no harm in trying, right?

OMGGGEEEE! Guess what?!!! They were there!!! I could have kissed that woman on the phone if she had been there in person. Yes, Queen of Brain Farts had left her bag at the office. Why I did not notice...

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Choose Your Time Wisely

motivational Jun 10, 2016

"You cannot save time. You can only spend it differently. Every part of your life today shows the results of how you have spent your time in the past. If you want to have a different future, you have to spend your time differently in the present. You have to change your thinking about yourself and how you use your time to get the things you want in life." --Brian Tracy from "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life"

image1 (3)

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Go Gray? Not Today

aging health May 25, 2016

Today was "Go Gray" day.... Or so I thought... I was ready! But what I found out from my hair dresser is that I actually have a LOT of dark hair left... So if I went gray, it would actually be just as much maintenance. Since my goal is less maintenance, we went with some lighter highlights. I've already gotten a lot of compliments so I'm super happy with the results. And I don't need to go back again for 8 weeks!!!

Lower maintenance plan is IN EFFECT!!!

Hair Before + After2

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The Things You Never Expect to Learn from a Doctor

aging educational health May 24, 2016

Right as I was finishing my first week of my 3rd time doing P90x3, I had a bit of a setback.... Too many one-armed planks and side arm balance moves for this grandma!!! And it was totally my fault for doing the workout when my shoulder was already sore. And then continuing when it was bothering me during the workout. Big lesson learned!!! The pain came on bad in the middle of the night Saturday and the following day became so excruciating that I ended up taking some old pain medicine my husband had. I hoped it would get me through the night and tide me over until my doctor's office opened at 8am on Monday. I lasted until 5am.... Not only was my pain horrible, but the medicine had made me so sick, I threw up. So my husband drove me to the ER.

I was so happy to get help... You know that desperate feeling where you'd let them do anything!!! Me, needle-hater extraordinaire, was thrilled to get a shot in the butt for the pain! Our visit was quick & easy - we got out of the ER in a...

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Best Job Ever!

family May 08, 2016

These two girls helped form the person I am. I am so thankful that I was picked as their mom. I can't imagine my life without them. They are my biggest accomplishments!!! For me, today should not be a celebration of me for being a mom but a celebration of what being a mom has meant to me...

EVERYTHING!!! #‎motherhood #‎bestjobever

Me Nikki + Kori at my wedding

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Grandchild #3 is on the Way!

family May 03, 2016

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I didn't realize I'd be as excited again as I was the first 2 times!!! Looking forward to an early Christmas present! :)

3rd grandchild announcement

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