Sometimes, It's Okay Not To Be Okay...

Having a rough day? You’re not alone, friend! I’ve been there, too.

In fact, I was there JUST YESTERDAY!!! I was feeling so not myself. Not the positive, high energy, bubbly version of me.

Perhaps it was because I started a 3 day cleanse... Or maybe it was the fact I was putting together all of the info for my taxes - not my most favorite thing to do!

By day's end, I chose a piece of pizza, chocolate chip cookies and a glass of rose wine for dinner!!! So much for my cleanse!

Whenever I struggle like that, I first give myself grace because it happens. And second, I'm grateful that I'm aware of what's going on in my head and know that it is temporary.

I know that tomorrow will dawn a new day and I can start over again, which I did in the case of my cleanse!!! Yay! Day 1 is in the books and was a success!!!

AND, the tax work I've spent HOURS on in the past week is DONE!!! At least for 2019!

So in case you need a little extra boost today, consider this post your virtual...

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My Life Journey In Discovering What Finally Lights Me Up

Has your road to fulfillment been a conventional one?

I took a conventional path to a conventional job where I punched the proverbial ticket of success which led to an impressive paycheck and an even more impressive title but every time I got promoted, I became less fulfilled.

My bosses would reward me with new titles and generous salary bumps, often with nice stock options, but they never once ASKED me what role would most light me up. And I, unfortunately, didn't even have the answer so I just let my ego lead the way.

As my resume got more impressive, I got more disconnected from my purpose, from my zone of genius, from the work I'm here to do.

I didn't know then what I know now, but that's okay. I give myself grace because it was that journey that led me where I am today. And I'd definitely say what I do today is unconventional!

In fact, an online business wasn't even a possibility when I started my career!!!

There’s no set way to get where you’re meant to go... Our...

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Laurie Lays It On The Line!!! Life Advice For You...

If I could sit down with my past self - an over-busy, unhappy, corporate executive - I’d have enough advice to have my own talk show... I've even got a good name for it: Laurie Lays It On The Line!!!

First, I’d start by saying STOP doing work that doesn't set your soul on fire. You are dimming your light by not finding your true purpose.

And of course, I’d fill myself in on all of the joys that lie ahead, like: how truly fascinating the journey of self discovery will be. It's really not about the final destination. It's the sights, the people, and the experiences of the trip you take getting there!

I'd make sure she knew there is nothing to fear. And I'd explain that she can't be afraid of a life where she is doing what she came here to do.

I'd also do my best to describe the feeling she'd have waking up every morning energized, excited and ready to jump out of bed, and tackle a schedule SHE CHOSE, filled with action items she is passionate about.

What advice would you...

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Sneak Peek: Sometimes, My Idea Of Fun Is.....

laughter midlife story Apr 16, 2020

It may be embarrassing to admit, but my idea of “fun” is spending an entire Saturday afternoon on the couch catching up on my favorite competition reality shows. And today it was The Voice and American Idol.

I know, I know, it might not seem like the best use of my time, but nothing thrills me more than seeing people shine doing what they love. AND I love anything that has to do with singing or dancing.

So I've had a great afternoon curled up with my favorite fuzzy blanket, mentally unwinding after putting in a lot of great work this week!

Now it's your turn... I'd love to hear your favorite way to unwind after a busy work week.

Follow me and let me know on social media!



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Introducing My New Workshop! Find Your SPARK!

My cup is so full! I just finished doing updates on my course and I’m excited to be rolling out the new version officially TOMORROW after my free LIVE workshop.

What I’m even more ecstatic about is that my course now ALIGNS PERFECTLY with what I teach about Sparketypes in my workshop. In fact, I'm so passionate about what I teach in my workshop that I've changed the name on my signature course to "The Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School" How PERFECT!!!

I love how it has evolved and become even BETTER, just like ME!

The updated version of my course is jam-packed with video trainings about The S.P.A.R.K. System I created and that I use every single day, with downloadable & printable worksheets that you can use right away to develop your heart-centered action plan.

You'll immediately feel more productive and energized by using my system! ...AND you'll be well on your way to a sparked second half!

Click the link in my profile to sign up for my "Spark Your Soul in Your Second Half"...

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A Passion-filled Job Changed Me: Establishing My Online Business

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! But you may surprised to know that it's not romance love. (Well, I am in love with my husband but that is not what today's blog is about!)

I am in love with what I do!!! I just lights up my soul every single day!

I’ve been a coach for over 6 years now, but it's not been the same kind of coaching the whole time... It's definitely been an evolution!

I started out dabbling in coaching with a network marketing company. It was low risk and I could easily do it on the side. And it didn't require a new degree or any kind of certification. I could coach just based on my own personal experience with the products.

But the more I did it, I realized I wanted to be my own boss - to be a professionally trained coach and to help at a deeper level. I wanted to build a business of my own where my success was not reliant on another company's decisions. (And I never really was a fan of the network marketing model).

I've enjoyed...

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Stuck At Home? Hoping It's With Your Best Ones!

It is my hope that you are quarantined with your favorite people and pets! Those that make you laugh, that make you feel good... the ones you'd choose to be with in this type of situation.

The saying: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" has never had such meaning!!!

Our sweet, old dog died in January, and my husband wasn't really ready to jump back in the ring when I was, but he, as a good husband does, rolled with my wishes and on 2/17/20, we became parents again...

Thank GOD! I can't imagine this whole situation without our amazing Moji. He definitely has brought more mojo into our lives, which is actually the word from which we derived his name.

He makes me laugh multiple times a day.
He distracts me from the distressing news.
He forces me to go outside and be with nature more.
He keeps me busy cleaning up after him & teaching him manners.
He makes my heart melt when I see him love on my husband.

This stay-at-home order would be so much worse if it were...

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A Little Fun Fact About Me...

Yeah! I'm a ham!!! I'll admit it! LOL!

I've always loved the camera. I don't know why because I'm not really a performer. I can't act worth a bean, or sing, or dance...

But one thing I do love is to connect with humans and to be silly.

My dad hated the camera and I could never understand why. But oh was he silly!!! So I'm glad I got the silly part and not the camera-shy part of him!

So this is me being silly during a photo shoot... I mean, it was really hard to do any kind of a serious look. I don't do serious faces well at all.

People actually have come up to me when I've had a rare serious-face day and said: "Awww honey, smile. It's not that bad." And I want to yell back: "I KNOW!!! I smile 99% of the time so my face is just resting. I'm NOT sad! I am actually VERY HAPPY"

And come to think of it, maybe that's why my dad didn't like the camera... he didn't want to smile because he had a big gap between his teeth but he wasn't comfortable with his serious-face either. So now it all makes...

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Do You Ever Wonder: What If?

I ask because I think a lot of us at midlife think back to choices we made when we were younger and wonder about how our life would have been different had we made different decisions.

If that is you, STOP! You can't do a darn thing about your past!!!

What you have is TODAY and the only thing you can do is to focus on the choices you make RIGHT NOW!

I could look at this picture and wonder what if I hadn't broken up with him back on 12/28/79?... (Yes! I remember the specific date!) What if I had decided to get back together with him when he called me 6 months later? What if I had been patient and not rushed into another relationship and married someone else?

Well, we'll never know the answer to those questions. And that's ok.

Because I choose to believe that I was meant to be with my first husband, and he was meant to be the father of my amazing daughters. I had to learn whatever lessons that part of my life taught me. And my life had to go a certain way before that cute guy in the photo...

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You Are Never Too Old For A New Puppy!

I want to share WHY I decided to get a puppy at 61 years of age...

Some may think that is too old to take on a puppy. Some may have thoughts that a new puppy could outlive them. Some may think that having a puppy is hard work. Some may think having a puppy is too restrictive.

Well, I tend to look for the pros and not the cons in every situation. Maybe It's the optimist in me... Or maybe it's my ability to always believe in the positive potential in my choices.

You've probably heard that what you focus on expands... Well, that mindset has served me very well in life!

After my 15 1/2 year old Chihuahua passed in January, I began thinking about getting another dog. And to be honest, I had to talk my husband into it. He was not ready to jump right back into parenthood.

But I KNEW a puppy would bring lots of extra love and laughter to our home. And who doesn't want more of THAT?

Of course work comes along with it, but the amount of laughter my husband and I have shared in this very difficult...

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