Make Progress! Make Memories!

motivation Nov 20, 2017

7 1/2 weeks left in the year!!! What do you have planned in the remaining time you have?

You won’t get this time back. Make progress! Make memories! Make this time high in value!

Tell me what’s on your list...

For me, I am:

Losing 10 pounds
Going to a friend’s 60th birthday party
Going to the UVA/Va Tech football game
Spending 3 days in NY with daughter Kori
Going to the Christmas Hanson concert 
Going to see Book of Mormon on Broadway
Going to Asheville to see family
Spending time with my children & grandchildren

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Day 1 of Nannie in Charge

family Nov 11, 2017

Day 1 of Nannie In Charge: 

After getting 2 kids dressed, fed breakfast, dropped off to school as well as an 11 month old up, fed and diaper changed, lunches made and packed AND an 8 month old puppy fed and let out, I need a nap! LOL!!!

I did all that in 50 minutes! 

I realized after we were in the car that I forgot to even have 1 sip of water, let alone eat anything.  

I forgot how hard this is - and I only had 2!!!! Hoping a workout and a shower is feasible at some point! 

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Off to Babysit for a Few Days!

family Nov 11, 2017

I lived in the Washington DC area for 50 years and so I always traveled in and out of large, busy airports. Now that I live in a small town, I love to fly in and out of our cute little airport. 

There were 2 people in front of me in the security line!!! Absolutely no hassles and no stress. 

And look at the beauty before my eyes while I wait to board. Even my  luggage tag is happy!!! 

Off to babysit for a few days and feeling quite lucky that I get to trick or treat with my grandkids on Halloween!  (Be prepared for lots of pictures!)

What are you doing for Halloween?

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My Husband May Kill Me for Posting This!

family love relationships Nov 03, 2017

My husband may kill me for posting this but I’ll take that risk because I want his action to have a bigger impact. 

When was the last time you wrote a love note to your significant other?

You may not think of this as a love note but if you know him, it is. He loves football more than life itself and he wants ME to watch it with him. Good thing I love football too!!! 

When I saw this sitting on the counter, it made me smile. It touched me that he took the time and that he cares. 

Do me a favor. Write a sweet note to you sig other today. Leave it on the kitchen counter or on his/her pillow. 

I guarantee you will get a ton of benefit out of that simple action. Show your love. Give it freely with no expectation. 

Happy Saturday! xxxooo

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11 Years Ago. 1 Action. Many Changed Lives.

family motivation Oct 27, 2017

Today is the 11th anniversary of the day I took my first step into a new life. I had no idea at the time how much my life would change, but all I knew is that I wasn’t happy and I was searching.

Eleven years ago today I met my now husband for lunch. It was I who reached out to him a few days beforehand. And he was no stranger to me. In fact, he was my college sweetheart.

We had had a torrid love affair back in the late 70s. I say torrid because it was the kind that you read about in novels, the kind that comes around once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.

Unfortunately, things happened that were not repairable in the relationship at the time so I decided to move on. Looking back, I know that I forced my brain to move on and was quite successful at that, but my heart, which you have much less control over, never really did.

But I let my brain lead. And I found love again, married and had 2 daughters. I built a successful career, had a beautiful home, wonderful,...

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The Younger the Better

aging health motivation Oct 17, 2017

This passage in the book I'm reading right now stopped me in my tracks when I read it... It was so impactful that I shared it at our recent coach retreat. And it caused a few tears to be shed.

Please read it and share it on your timeline. It is a message that needs to be heard by everyone, no matter their age - in fact, the younger, the better!

"You may think you're protecting yourself from judgment, rejection, or upsetting someone, but when you make excuses and talk yourself into waiting, you are limiting your ability to make your dreams come true. 

I'm amazed by how much time I've wasted in my life waiting for the right time, waiting until I'm sure, waiting until I think my work is perfect, or waiting until I feel like it.

You may be afraid of finding out that you suck. Let me tell you what really sucks:

 Being older and regretting that you never went for it.
 Being 56 and realizing you should have divorced your spouse ten years ago.
 Being 45 and wishing you had...

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I Love Football!

family laughter Oct 11, 2017

I love football! I was raised on football - Redskins football! This is something I passed along to my children. (Sorry Nikki and Kori!)

I know the rules. I plan my Sunday around football. I know it makes no sense. It’s just a stupid game. (That’s what I tell myself when my team loses which is a lot!)

But it gives me immense pleasure. And I’ve been lucky enough to have 2 husbands who are Redskins fans.  I couldn’t imagine being with a Dallas, Philly or Giants fan. #archrivals

So when I moved to Charlottesville, home of UVA, it was a no-brainer that I’d come to these games and fall in love with this team.

They have struggled, just like the Redskins, but every week I continue to root them on and hope for the best.

Football season and Fall are my favorite time of the year. It’s in my blood and I will be a fan forever. #gohoos #hailtotheredskins#womanwhoknowstherules

Any other women football fans out there? ...

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Before and After - My Shower!

motivation Oct 03, 2017

Before and After - my shower!!!

I shared the photo below in my private fitness accountability group this morning. (I reserve the BEST for them! )

But then I got to thinking about how we all like to show our "highlight reel" to the world. We are so afraid of judgement and not living up to some stupid standard we've invented in our crazy minds. So we hide the real stuff.

It's basically because we want people to like us!!! But of course they won't like us if we wear glasses or have a pimple (although I'm too old to get those anymore!) or have too many wrinkles or have old age spots on our arms (These have replaced the pimples!) or look fat in our outfit or our hair is messed up from sweat or just not washing it for a few days....

Why are we so afraid to JUST BE and share THAT?!!!

Our egos are so powerful. They make us think and do crazy things. I understand it but that doesn't mean I can easily quiet it.

It made me post the picture below in black and white because the color one...

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Hanson Makes Us Happy

family laughter Oct 03, 2017

Thought I'd do a little reliving of my Sunday night with my girls...

I hope this little video makes you happy today. It's of poor quality but I want to share it because it so captures the essence of our amazing relationship. <3

I cherish the moments I spend with my two daughters. And now that they are adults with their own lives, these times get rarer - especially times when it's just the 3 of us.

This video shows a few of these cherished moments doing what we love - singing and dancing to Hanson songs.

We love music in general but it's hard to explain what this band has done for our life.

We've traveled to many places to see them (Orlando, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, DC) and for many years - I think our first concert was in '97 so that's 20 years.

Hanson makes us happy. Hanson makes us love music. Hanson brings us together.

My kids used to be "closet" fans. At first they hid their love because being a Hanson fan wasn't cool. But at some point they just...

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Once My Alarm Went Off, I was Out of Bed and On My Feet

motivation Sep 09, 2017

This morning I set my alarm for 5:30a after going to bed around 12:30a. I had to get up that early in order to get my workout in and get my meals packed for the day.

I knew I would not want to get up so I decided I was going to apply the 5 Second Rule. Have you heard of the 5 Second Rule? (And it's not about picking up food after you've dropped it on the floor!!!)

It's a great technique I learned from Mel Robbins. If you haven't seen her TED Talk "How to stop screwing yourself," google it and watch it! It's awesome!!!

Once my alarm went off, I was out of bed and on my feet before 5 seconds was up. If I waited longer, my brain would've talked me into sleeping "just a few" more minutes.... I know because it happened twice last week. :o

I got up, went into the kitchen, made & drank my pre-workout drink, got my shoes on and THEN GOT IT DONE. (Hint: Sleep in your workout clothes to make it easier!!!)

That was the hardest part - the first few minutes going from bed to...

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