Episode 331: The Biggest Purpose Mistake You May Be Making

mindset May 26, 2023

In today’s episode I share the story of a woman who lived what she may have believed was a purposeful life but she made one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to finding their true purpose, it was another person, her husband.

She had the purpose block I referred to in my last episode as "purpose-oblivious." If you'd like to learn about this and the other 3 purpose blockers, tune into Episode 330.

As I explain, your true purpose is not from an external person or material thing or things, it’s something that is found within you and has to do with work or activity that makes you come alive, feel valued, and has deep meaning as to why you do it. And this activity sustains you over time. It never dies like a person can. But many are oblivious to this truth.

You’ll hear the details of this woman’s life and how she’s spent most of the past 16 years since her purpose died, bedridden, incontinent, and disconnected from the world around her...

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Episode 330: 4 Different Blocks That Could Be Preventing You From Your Purpose

mindset May 24, 2023

In today's episode, I describe the 4 main reasons you may be blocked from finding the purpose that you came here to fulfill. 

Much like the empty nester identities I spoke about in Episode 330, these purpose blockers result in certain behaviors and thoughts that prevent you from pursuing your REASON FOR BEING - and in some cases, even believing you have one.

Let me be the first to tell you, in case you are what I call "purpose-oblivious: Yes, you have a purpose. You came here to fulfill it, and if you are not waking up and taking action towards the pursuit of it, you'll continue to rob yourself of the pure joy that comes from living from that place of purpose.

And you'll continue to rob the people that will benefit from you operating that way - both the people around you who love you and will get the best version of you when you are a purpose-filled human AND the people who you'll impact by the purpose that is yours to fulfill.

So what will it be? Continue to allow these...

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Episode 329: Proof That Busyness and Overwhelm Keep You From True Happiness

mindset May 20, 2023

In today’s episode I share real data about how busyness and overwhelm keep the Busy Doers and the Overwhelmed Wingers from taking the very action that will get them unstuck. I explain why a Scared Settler is actually more apt to take action towards positive change and find true happiness!

If you are not familiar with these terms, please listen to my last episode where I explain the 6 different empty nester roles so you can see which role you might be operating from that is causing you to live a mediocre life and be stuck in inaction - or action that’s preventing you from living your most happy life.

It’s a crazy phenomenon but, as I shared, it’s only because you are totally unaware of what is happening. The behavior patterns we operate from in our day-to-day life have become automatic at a subconscious level.

The great news is that when you know better, you do better and that is exactly why I wanted to talk about these two roles and warn you, if this is the...

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Episode 328: The 5 Roles that Keep People Stuck in Mediocre

mindset May 17, 2023

In today’s episode I'm sharing not just FIVE but SIX roles I've identified that affect how we show up and play the game of life, and these identities tell us a lot about whether we are happy and fulfilled or whether we are stuck and setting for a mediocre existence.

A couple of years ago, when I was getting certified as a Master Neurocoach, I learned that our behaviors are tied to the roles and identities we operate from in life.

It was that lightbulb moment when I realized there were specific roles I had played in my past that had kept me stuck in a very passionless and unfulfilling existence, after my kids, who were a big part of my fulfillment for 20 years left home. And I started to see a pattern of behaviors in older women who I was coaching who felt stuck like I had been.

After observing various behaviors and noticing specific patterns around those behaviors, I was able to identify 5 different roles that keep us from taking the action that will get us unstuck, as well...

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Episode 327: What Mel Robbins Taught Me About Love

mindset May 12, 2023

Today’s episode is a short one but it’s a good one! It’s just me taking a few minutes to reflect on a recent realization about a negative reaction I had to being told “I love you” by Mel Robbins.

I decided to do an episode on this because I think this is something that others do too so I wanted to talk about it AND to share the one word answer I came upon when I asked myself “Why?” It was judgement

I’ve been judging Mel negatively for saying I love you at the end of her newsletters?! WTF?!!!!

Here’s what I realized once I had the awareness of what I was doing…

I didn’t believe Mel. And I was judging her negatively for saying something that wasn’t true.

I mean, how could she love me? She doesn’t KNOW me.

Then I thought, but I love her! And I’d tell her if I ever ran into her on the street. But the truth is: I don’t really know her, do I?

What Mel is doing is giving me unconditional...

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Episode 326: When Your Gut Says “Move to France” And You Go, with Luisa

abundance career mindset May 09, 2023

Today's guest is Luisa, a Global Passion Ambassador and intuitive coach. Luisa has a unique ability to connect with souls and see into future memories, which has helped her clients to finally live a life of meaning, purpose, and passion.

In this episode, Luisa and I talked about:

  • How her intuition led her to take the bold step of relocating to France.
  • What ignited her passion for exploring the realms of intuition, purpose, and freedom that led to the creation of The Passion Harvest.
  • Her repetitive dream and the eye-opening revelation that came out from it
  • Her unique perspective on what intuition means to her, and how she uses it to help her clients.

Luisa's knowledge and personal experiences offer a powerful reminder that passion and purpose are always within reach and that obstacles are opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Learn how her decision to trust her intuition led to new opportunities and a deeper sense of purpose.


Other ways to find and connect with Luisa...

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Episode 325: Advice I Gave My Stressed Out Daughter

mindset May 05, 2023

In today’s episode I share advice I gave my youngest daughter who suffered her first panic attack. Not a fun experience for the person having the attack nor for a mom who never wants to see her kids suffer or be sad or have difficulties in life. 

So in perfect mom-mode, as soon as she messaged me about what was happening, I called her and guided her through a few deep breaths and suggested that she quiet her mind for just 15 minutes after our call. Doing that will get her out of the busy mind and into the silence. (I’m not sure if she did the latter after we hung up, but I know she did the deep breaths because I heard her do them!) 

The 3 pieces of advice I gave her, which I elaborate on in the episode, were:

  • Perspective: The world will go on without you, whether or not you finish all of your tasks.
  • The Ripple Effect: It’s impact is both good AND bad.
  • Misalignment: If you don’t instigate change, change will eventually be forced on you by the...
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Episode 324: Combining Passion and Service with a Needle and Thread, with Carrie Roberts

career May 02, 2023

Today's guest is Carrie Roberts who has had a passion for sewing for most of her life. She graduated from college with a degree in fashion design and went on to have her own custom bridal business before working in the corporate world. Now, in her second half of life, she has turned her passion into an amazing business - making church vestments.

In this episode, Carrie and I talked about:

  • How Carrie got started making church vestments.
  • Carrie's interest in the history of church vestments and her commitment to recovering and creating a library of this lost art..
  • Carrie's desire to share her knowledge and skills with others so they too can create these special items.
  • How the joy of following her passion has created a ripple effect impacting others, including her children.

Carrie also shares her plans for the future. At age 62, she has big plans for her business and the legacy she’s creating. She said someone somewhere has a lovely sewing machine, perhaps unused, sitting in a...

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Episode 323: My Recent Discovery of a 64-Year-Old Limiting Belief

mindset Apr 28, 2023

In today’s episode, I share a huge breakthrough I received at a recent in-person Money Mindset workshop, which was the discovery of a limiting belief I’ve had since I was in my mother’s womb. That means it’s likely the first limiting belief I ever had!!!

I begin by explaining why this limiting belief was deep-seated because it’s at an identity level and how these kinds of beliefs are important to find because they help explain our behavior. So much can be learned from uncovering limiting beliefs!

Listen in and hear how, even after I had this discovery while writing out my money stories from my childhood, I still didn’t recognize it was an identity I was still carrying inside of me. My coach had to point out the words I had spoken because I didn’t even realize what I had said out loud. That’s when you know it’s a limiting belief residing in your subconscious.

Now that I’ve uncovered it, I can begin the work to rewire it so...

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Episode 322: A Health Scare Turned Into Purpose at Age 70, with Berniece Hunt

career health mindset Apr 25, 2023

At age 72, Berniece Hunt, a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, is just getting started on her new purpose which came about as a result of her husband developing sepsis. His illness got very scary when the infection traveled to his brain. temporarily creating "dementia-like" symptoms. 

This experience, and having to act as his caregiver and advocate, caused her to go down the research rabbit hole. As she gained a deeper understanding of the brain, she became more passionate about the topic and helping others, so she became a certified brain health specialist.

Since this all happened during the pandemic which limited her options of helping people in person, she plunged into the world of the internet and launched her online business, Keep Your Brain Sharp. 

Now in her 2nd year, she is fully lit up on her purpose saying: “I'm loving it - challenges and all - and learning to feel the fear and do it anyway!” Here are Berniece’s top tips for...

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